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Diamond Granite Bridge Saw JM6-TT

1.To carry 24” blade with 30” blade guard.
2.18” of raise and lower
3.Travel of blade carriage to make 12.5’ cut – automatic with A.C. variable control.
4.Side travel of 10’ with A.C. variable control.

Carriage beam and Track:
Carriage beam constructed of 3/8” x 8” x 8” square tubing with wear strips bolted on top, bottom, and sides which can be replaced when worn. Carriage constructed of 1” plate steel and 4” adjustable rollers on top with plastic slides on sides and bottom.  Carriage is driven by rack and pinion with variable speed control.

Main Drive Motor: 20 HP motor A.C. Drive

Main Arbor Bearings: 2 3/16” Fafnir DRNR (blade shaft bearings)

One 2 3/16” arbor shaft with 6” flanges.

Hydraulic Turn Table:
·7’ x 10’ Turn table top with 90, 45, and 22.5 degree locks.
·To be built together with saw frame.
·Air over hydraulic pump.
·20 ton hydraulic jack

Side travel rails: Heavy duty construction of 6” beam x 14’ long.
1.Length of travel 10’
2.Side travel synchronized by 1 Ό” gear rack and pinion.
3.A.C. variable control.
4.Travel on roller bearings

Motors and controls wired to operate on 208, 230, or 460 voltage, 3 phase with 115-volt control. Panel to operate auto plunge cut for marble, granite, or limestone and step cutting for granite.

Quotation for one Diamond Saw, series JM8-GTT (continued).

Call for total Price of Basic Saw:


1. Auto gantry step to next cut                                            
2. Safety switches on carriage and gantry                            
3. Meter relay to cut machine off if overloaded                  
4. Water safety to cut machine off if water is cut off         
5. Tilt Arbor                                                                          
6. Laser Light                                                                       
7. Remote push button                                                          
8. 20 HP A.C. Inverter, 220-volt
9. Tilt turn table                                                                     
10.  Truck freight to deliver saw                                           
11.  Trip to install machine                                                  
Total saw price with options: 
Plus applicable sales tax

Terms: 50% Down
             45% Upon completion
               5% 30 Days after installation

Diamond Bridge Saws by Johnson Machine are US made bridge saws designed for cutting granite countertops from granite countertop slabs.  The JM6 diamond granite saw features a 15 hp motor, blade diameters of 16”-24”, has a cutting length of 12.5’, variable AC power control, and optional hydraulic tilt table.  For larger jobs, the JM8 series is available with a 20 hp motor with blades 24”-48” in diameter, also available with standard table shown at left or hydraulic tiling work table shown in the photo above.  Other options include auto gantry step to next cut, safety switches on carriage and gantry, overload relay cut off switch, water safety to cut machine off if water is cut off, and laser guide.


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